Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bendy Castle

Hello all.

Mummy, big sister and i have found a new game and i just have to share it with you!

Welcome to the 'bendy castle!!'

It was big sister who named it this. Mummy had suggested that we make a den and so she got this table cloth and put it over some chairs. But big sister said it  looked like a castle and when the table cloth fell off the chairs, big sister found this very funny and called it the bendy castle. It's a name we all like so Mummy stopped calling it the den.

The bendy castle game is really good. Once we are inside the castle, there are endless possibilities.

Here is big sister inside the bendy castle. Mummy, me and the babies you can see (!) all sat and listened quietly while big sister read us a story. After that we gave the babies their bottles and then had a pretend picnic with them.

It has captured big sister's imagination, today we played the bendy castle game using the cushions from the sofa. Daddy put the green cloth over the sofa but when Mummy brought me into the castle i got quite upset as there was not much room and it was quite scary.

Mummy, big sister and i would love to hear any suggestions you have for us as to what we can play once we are inside the bendy castle. Mummy has a few ideas as to what we are going to do next time already!

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  1. That is brilliant and love the dollies all lined up! Maybe another teacher in the making there!

    Thank you for linking to Family Frolics- please do come back!