Saturday, 24 November 2012

Dear Kerry...

Dearest Kerry
I remember how excited you were when I secretly whispered to you earlier this year that I was expecting twins!!
You were so positive and told me how lucky we were to be blessed with twins, as it is so very special.

I remember calling you for support one night when I felt a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of two new babies, you were brilliant.
How I miss you. Now the twins are here I feel it more than ever. I'm so glad to have told you about their arrival and shown you their picture, I wish you could meet them for a cuddle, I know you would love that.
You are still my inspiration.
Please come back to us Kerry.
Lots and lots of love Wendy x x x

Our Kerry....

At  midnight I published my healing post for Kerry. I am, of course, not her only close friend and two other close friend's of hers have asked to use my blog to share their thoughts with you all....

So over to Kirsty first.....

Kerry and I have known each other since primary school. From there Leanne, Lucy, Kerry and myself all went to the same High school, while the rest of our school friends went to a different high school. We were all put into the same form class and have grown up through high school together.

We went to different unis, colleges started work etc but all kept in contact.

 We have all been to each others weddings, and visited the hospitals when babies have been born. We have met up for drinks/meal most christmases... basically been there through thick and thin, funny and sad times, good and bad times together.

There has been many a time lately where i have thought - oh i'll just call Kerry for a chat and then remembered i can't... Kerry i have so much i want to tell you.

I remember at school us four decided to do a dance to 'girls just wanna have fun' to the old people in the old peoples home with a raffle after to raise money to give back to them for a fish and chip supper lol.

I remember coming to pick you up from Norwich (uni)very late one evening and driving you home to Nick for the weekend.

Also remember you coming to meet me for lunch at Parkers nursery in Frinton to tell me about the psychic you had been to see and that she had told you that you were pregnant and thats how you told me you were expecting BB. Think i nearly screamed the place down in happiness for you..

When you first come to see my new house in Clacton in the first week that we lived there you spilt your Tia maria on the carpet and that was a reminder of you for the time we lived there. As i have moved house since you have become unwell... I long for you to leave your mark on this house.

You are in all our thoughts today and everyday.. we are all combining our strength today especially in the hope that this will give you the strength you need to make a good recovery.

 I love you Kerry

Lots of love Kirsty xx

Friday, 23 November 2012

Healing 4 Kerry.

This is the hardest post i have tried to write. A year ago a very dear friend of mine encouraged me to set up the blog i had been wanting to start for a while about my youngest child. I went onto set up my blog, but being a teacher i quickly found it unmanageable to dedicate time to my career and my blog so have not posted for a long time now.
This friend has a very successful blog of her own and i had watched her find so much enjoyment from hers and followed her many achievements through it. I had no idea though just how successful she had been, and how many lives she has touched.
This friend is of course Multiple Mummy, aka as Kerry, aka as one of my closest friends. We have now been friends for 22 years. We went through school together. We grew and developed together and more importantly, had so many happy times together.
I am writing this post to join the blogging community in praying for her recovery, and yet i don't want to dwell too much on the situation we are all struggling to come to terms with as it is just too painful. Instead i thought i would share with you some of the many reasons she is so special and treasured by so many people.
When i visited her in hospital on Wednesday night, one of the cards on her wall from another friend said.... 'Kerry I have so many childhood memories of you, one of which being when you lost your braces and we all searched the house for them, only to find you had left them on the doorstep!' This sums her up perfectly.... she was so scatty at times when we were growing up! This part of her personality always had us smiling...
When she had just returned from maternity leave with BB, I remember her telling me she arrived at work, went to lock the car... only to discover she had forgotten to drive to nursery first to drop him off and there he was smiling at her in his car seat!
You have all read Multiple Daddy's fantastic posts.... She rang me at 11pm the night before our A Level results. In a very excited voice she told me she had met this fantastic, handsome man that she wanted to be with. They are absolute soul mates and the support he has shown her throughout their time together has always inspired me and those closest to her.

I am responsible for the conception of the twins... well sort of!! My eldest daughter was 5 weeks early. I was having dinner with Kerry round another very close friend of hers when my waters went. I made my excuses and left. The next day Kerry came to visit me and made sure that my husband and i had our first family photo taken holding our daughter.... that is Kerry completely. She knows each of her friends so well and she knew i would find that very important, but I hadn't yet thought that far ahead. She went home from seeing us, feeling all broody... and well 9 months later the twins arrived.

Kerry is just such a fantastic person. She enjoyed spending time with all of her friends and i so appreciated that our children were similar ages as it meant i got to see her regularly and we could catch up while the children played.

I am a very self conscious, somewhat negative person and she always balanced me out, making me see when i was being ridiculous while at the same time soothing my worries, listening as only a close friend can. She always, always had advice to give to anyone and i always went away feeling better having spoken to her.

As her blog shows, she is the most fantastic Mummy. Her children had such a wealth of experiences because of it. She was unfazed by most things and i used to watch in awe at how she juggled 3 children, in fact all of us friends did. She made it look effortless! 

I could carry on for pages and pages recalling all my memories of her but i won't.

Kerry you light up any room you are in, and my healing prayer for tomorrow is that in the future you can once again return to your family and carry on making memories. I for one, need you in my life.... so many people do. You are fighting as hard as you can sweetheart and we are all here for you, every step of the way.

With all my love Leanne.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Let's watch telly!!!

The last time i was here i was talking about the toys that I play with. Now I want to extend my questioning to the TV that i watch.
Mummy is a total telly addict. Daddy and Mummy though have completely different tastes when it comes to programmes and as Mummy is always busy on the computer, she has taken to recording what she wants to watch and watching her programmes at other times of the day, when she gets a spare 5 minutes. (Daddy keeps telling her she needs to reduce the number of things she watches but she completely refuses, saying there is too many good things on TV!)
Big sister is really into films. Her current favourites are Tinkerbell and Tangled. (In fact she had the most amazing cake made for her by Auntie Sam's friend Willow who is incredibly talented) She has lots of other films that she enjoys as well including Tarzan, Alladin, The Lion King, Finding Nemo etc.

Told you the cake was amazing!!!

So where does this leave me? Big sister's films are normally quite long and she can quite easily sit still and watch the whole thing. As she was growing up though Mummy had her watching Mr Tumble on Cbeebies, Peppa Pig and educational programmes such as Alphablocks and Numberjacks. She still watches these occasionally but it is films that are mainly on when the TV is turned on....

So will my learning be hindered because I am going to be subject to these longer films rather than the short educational programmes on Cbeebies? Do you think i need to try and show Mummy that there should be less films and more Cbeebies or is it wise to not watch the telly when it is on and concentrate on playing? I do have so much to learn.

Let me know what you think. :) 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The toys that I play with.

As i am Mummy and Daddy's second child, Mummy is becoming more and more aware that the toys that I play with are very different to the types of toys that big sister played with.

Let me give you an example....

Here I am playing with big sister's toy animals, as well as some plastic cooking spoons that Mummy gave me from the kitchen. The toy animals are lots of interesting shapes so i do enjoy looking at them, turning them over in my hands and giving them a quick nibble but Mummy keeps wondering whether i am missing out.

You see, when big sister was my age these toys weren't in the house yet, so she was given lots of different brightly coloured baby rattles and toys that made lots of different sounds or lit up etc. These toys are still in the house, and Mummy still offers them to me to have a look at, but i much prefer being near big sister and looking at what she is playing with and now that i can crawl I also like playing with the items in lots of areas of the house where i haven't been before.... such as the coal on the fire, or the place mats in the dresser. These items are not brightly coloured so Mummy keeps questioning whether I am missing out, or even if my development won't be as good.

I think Mummy is worrying for nothing. She seems to have forgotten that big sister never crawled so she happily stayed in front of the toys Mummy gave her whereas I have discovered the joy of movement and I think I have a bigger variety of toys to play with because, firstly I can choose where I go and secondly, having an older sister means there is a much bigger variety of toys in the house then there was when she was little so i get a bigger range don't I?

I would love to know what you think though. Is Mummy being silly, or am i missing out by not playing with all the brightly coloured baby toys that are in the house?? 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday is caption day.

Here is big sister. She lined these boxes up all by herself. Mummy and Daddy have a caption for this picture but I would love to know what captions you can come up with. :) 

Friday, 6 April 2012


Mummy and big sister were reading a story called Chatterbox by Margaret Wild the other night. It is about a baby who suddenly starts talking and then there is no stopping her. Big sister really enjoyed the story (so did i).

That story got me thinking, so the next night i decided i'd try and talk and impress everyone as much as the little girl in the book did.

Well i didn't do quite as well as she did but this week i have managed to start 'babbling' so i am feeling rather proud of myself.

'Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba' is what i have managed to acheive so far. Daddy keeps asking me to say 'da-da-da-da' but when i try it just comes out sounding like 'blah-blah-blah!' ;).

I have been trying really hard though and I make my new sounds whenever someone talks to me. Sometimes rather than my new sounds i just make a friendly scream or growl instead but big sister seems to be quite excited by any noise I make. She told Mummy that when i am a big girl i will use more words but i need to be a bit taller first. I look forward to that time, whenever it arrives!!! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Garden Fun.

Mummy is not afraid to admit that she is not the garden type. Daddy enjoys keeping the garden tidy and for parts of the year he manages to have some flowers 'on show' but his lack of time and lack of green fingers (Mummy's words, Daddy, not mine!) means that the garden is normally tidy but will never be classed as beautiful.

                                            Here are the items Daddy brought to improve the garden.

However, as the weather was so beautiful last week, Daddy and big sister went out to do some gardening and to my delight Mummy decided her and i would join them in the garden.

                                             Here i am eager to start some gardening too.

Daddy and big sister had a great time planting some seeds, whereas Mummy and i watched them and did a bit of playing as well. It is the first time I have been out in the garden properly and the green stuff you can see in the picture feels really funny when i touched it. It didn't taste that good though!!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday is caption day.

Mummy and Daddy were very amused by placing me in big sister's doll's pram - captions please!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Hello everyone.

Here Mummy is trying to take pictures specifically of my eyelashes!! Every single person who meets me for the first time comments on how long and beautiful my eyelashes are.

Mummy and Daddy remember people saying this about my big sister but no one else is able to remember thinking this but they believe that big sister does still have beautiful eyelashes but that they are more noticeable on a baby.

One nice lady told my Mummy that with eyelashes like mine, i will be able to use them to my advantage when i am older but i don't know what she might have meant.

So let me know what you think... Mummy's photography skills haven't helped much here but i'd love to know what you think of my eyelashes.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

I'm on the move!!!

Guess what I did today for the first time..... I have decided that it is time to get moving so i have started crawling. When Mummy leaves the room i always get quite upset as i can't see where she has gone but now that i can crawl i have realised i can follow her wherever she goes.... it's great.

Look at me!!!!

                                                   Nothing is now out of my reach!!!! :)

I now have so many plans. The fireplace i've looked at for months was one of my first targets now that i can move. It has pieces of coal in, so today i had a little taste but it wasn't nice at all... not like the food that Mummy gives me when i'm in the highchair. Now I've tasted it I probably won't bother to go over there again, or that is what Mummy is hoping i think!

The world is my oyster!! My cousin is 9 weeks older than me and today she was showing me how good she is getting at walking. She conquered the crawling technique much earlier than i did though so i don't think i will have learnt how to be as clever as she is walking in the next 9 weeks but i will definately try my hardest!!

By the way if you are wondering why I haven't written for a while it is because of Mummy being back at work. She now doesn't always have the spare time she wants to let me get on the computer as often as i would like to. Hopefully Mummy's time management skills will improve as i really enjoy sharing all my latest news with all of you. She wrote me a letter letting me know what she felt about returning to work which you can read here.... To my dear little lady...

The other fear my Mummy had was that i would do something for the first time while she was at work... and this week that very nearly happened. Although i officially started crawling today, I have been having small goes at it since Wednesday. I took a few crawling steps each day since then but decided that rolling was easier. It was only today that i realised i can follow Mummy if i crawl so that is what i will do from now on!!

What new things have you been learning this week?

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Can you repeat that please?

When i was only 8 weeks old, Mummy and Daddy began to notice that i wasn't responding to sounds like they remember my big sister doing. They took me to the doctors who said they would refer me to the hospital. In November, when i was 5 months old (yes it took 3 months to finally get an appointment date!) I went with Mummy to the audiology department at the hospital.

We went into this strange room where they tested whether i could hear. It would be easier if i could tell them but i haven't learnt how to talk yet. I didn't do very well on any of the tests and they said it may be because i had lots of fluid / mucus around my ears and that they would test my ears again once i was sitting up and older.

I always have a bit of a sniffle and often cough at night so it made sense to Mummy and Daddy that my ears were blocked up with fluid. The consultant worried them after this first appointment i think because he told them that worse case i was profundly deaf.

Last week i had my second lot of tests. Since the first test i don't think Mummy and Daddy are worried as whenever big sister makes a lot of noise i look around to see where the noise is coming from, just like i do when Daddy runs the bath or Mummy makes silly noises with her mouth. They now know that i can hear and that when i was really young i simply wasn't responding to sounds as there was so much to be looking at and thinking about.As soon as i learnt to sit up, i think some of the fluid drained away as i could definately hear better. I've heard them talking though and they are not sure if i can hear quiet sounds. This makes me laugh as they obviously haven't noticed that with big sister around there aren't many quiet sounds to be heard!

The new test they did this time was to sit me at a table and look at the nice lady who was showing me a toy. To the side of me there was a TV screen and they kept putting a picture and an accompanying sound on. I think i was suppposed to turn my head towards the sound when they put it on the TV but the toy the lady had looked really good so why would i turn my head away from that? So i failed all their tests again. I am trying to do the right thing but i heard them telling Mummy that i'm still really young and i don't know what to do yet.

They now want to test me again in 2 months time and i heard them saying to Mummy and Daddy that if i fail them again they will discuss the possibility of doing a general anaesthetic to see if my hearing system has developed properly and is functioning properly. I don't think Mummy liked the idea of a GA as her face looked quite concerned after that so i have decided that i will try even harder at the next test so i can show them just how good my hearing is. I will update you again when i've been into that strange room again.

Look at me though....

Do i look like i have problems with my hearing??

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Snow, Waving, Learning!!

I started this blog so that i can share with you all the exciting new things i am learning about and this week there have been several. Mummy has tried to capture each event with the camera to help me show you what has been going on.


Before this week, i didn't know what this meant. Big sister has been asking for most of this year when the snow was coming as she wanted to use her new sledge but Mummy had been telling her she didn't think there would be any this year. How wrong was she!!

I don't really understand what happened but all this white stuff fell from the sky and it made big sister very very excited. It was so so cold but that didn't bother her at all.

Here we are on our sledge. I'm not sure what all the excitement was about though. Maybe i'll enjoy it more next year?

It was Grandad's birthday this week so we went out in the snow again, but this time with all of my cousins. I was watching them all wondering why they weren't feeling the cold like i was. The last time Grandad had snow on his birthday apparently was on his 40th, 21 years ago. I heard Nanny saying that Mummy was only 9 on that birthday. I liked spending the day with all my family, especially as it meant i could show off my new skill.....


I'm learning how to be very clever with my hands. Not only can i feed myself and play with toys using my hands, i've now learnt how to wave. Every time Daddy goes to work in the mornings he says 'bye-bye' and waves at me. When he comes home he normally says 'hi-ya' and waves when he sees me and big sister and now i can copy him. I think it is such a neat trick that i spend most of my day waving. I have started to do it at the right time as well now, so if someone says goodbye to me i wave at them.

Mummy has waved the camera in my face several times this week, to try and capture me waving, but every time she gets it out i stop whatever i am doing as a red light comes on which looks really interesting. Here i am though waving while i am sitting with my Auntie.

Look how pleased they are with me!!

It has been a busy week and i think it all caught up with me as i was very tired today. It's hard work learning how to be clever!!

What have you learnt that is new this week? 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

To my dear little lady (and big sister)


Very shortly my darling, Mummy will be returning to work. It has been creeping up for a while now but i have been trying to ignore it as i am dreading it. It's not that Mummy doesn't enjoy her job, it's just that it means i don't get to spend my days with you and big sister anymore. Sometimes when i think about not being able to see you and big sister whenever i can, it makes me feel very sad inside.

For the last 9 months my days have been entirely filled with looking after you and big sister and much more importantly indulging in your milestones and embracing the personalities that you are both developing. Fearne you have changed so much in the last 7 months. I am going to leave the camera with Nanny and Grandad so that i can share what you have done while i am gone.

It has been so much fun and so wonderful to spend each day with both of you. We had developed a lovely little routine of seeing big sister's special friend one day, your cousins another day, then spending two days doing toddler activities such as toddler gym, drama or visiting the library. We've had the freedom to pop in on Nanny and Grandad without any time pressures.

                                                        Look at the fun you and big sister had!!

Friday's big sister has been going to the childminder's so you've had me all to yourself. You have quite happily sat next to me while i've tidied and organised cupboards or cleared paperwork etc without ever whinging.

We will still get Monday's and Tuesday's to play but the rest of the week Mummy has to go to work. You will not be used to this new routine and i promise to give you lots of extra cuddles until you are. You and big sister will have lots of fun at Nanny and Grandad's house and the childminder's but i think it will take me some time to accept that work has to enter my life again.

I promise i will try to get home as early as possible so that i get to spend some of the day with you when i have been at work. I am well aware though that due to the traffic i will probably walk in with only half an hour to spend with you and big sister before you will need to go to bed. Hopefully as you get older you will stay awake longer. Mummy is hoping that we will all adjust well and that the fun we have on Monday's and Tuesday's will carry her through her days at work until we get to spend the weekend together. If you ever feel worried about where I have gone please know that i will definately return every evening after work to be with you and give you your dinner.

I want to reassure you that i am only working while you are so young as Daddy and i want to make sure we have enough money to treat you and big sister when we want to. Every week we do the lottery as if we were lucky enough to win, it would mean Mummy wouldn't have to leave you 3 days a week to go to work.

Can Mummy just ask one thing.... please save special moments, like crawling for the first time, or standing up at the furniture for when you are with Mummy and Daddy as i wouldn't want to miss these treasured times.

Lots of love from Mummy.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Food, glorious food! (part 2!)

Guess what i have discovered? That food really is glorious!!! I am really enjoying food now. It took me a while to work out how to move it to the back of my mouth rather than spitting it out but as soon as i grasped that i was away.

Now i can't get the food in quick enough. Mummy now gives me finger food at every meal as i really enjoy feeding myself and because she is kind enough to do that i let her give me the rest of my meal from a spoon.

I have tried such a huge variety of things. Today i had scrambled egg for the first time and chicken and leek pie for dinner. Mummy and Daddy have an Annabel Karmel weaning book and Mummy seems very happy with the recipes in there. I heard her and Daddy talking and they have decided to cook the whole family a meal from the book each night so that they can freeze extra portions for me. Isn't that a great idea. Big sister is not happy though. She is refusing to try any meals she is not familar with or that have ingredients that are mixed together but i can't work out why as i think it is all delicious. She is missing out on so much so i will have to talk to her about it once i learn to talk, that's if Mummy and Daddy haven't managed to persuade her to try more foods before then. :)

Look how clever I am now!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Time to spare.

Happy New Year everyone. Yes, i know it seems ridiculous to be saying that when January is nearly over but this is genuinely the first chance i have had to sit down and write a post. (well apart from my one on the Bendy Castle game) Mummy and Daddy have borrowed my blog to write a post for the NetMums / One Born Every Minute theme and the rest of the days have run away with me.

My Mummy is a bit like that. She never seems to have time to spare. During the day she never stops and i heard her telling my Nanny that her evenings are like that as well. She likes to have lists of things to do and i know she feels pressured recently as she is going back to work in 4 weeks and she wants to complete several 'house' tasks before this happens.

Mummy and Daddy had a heated discussion about it recently as Daddy sometimes feels that Mummy doesn't have time for him. Because of this they agreed several things. Friday nights are now for them. They are not allowed to turn the computer on so it means they have proper time together.

Sunday nights have become my Mummy's ironing night. I would be interested to hear if any of you do as much ironing as my Mummy does. When me, her and big sister have been out on playdates, lots of my Mummy's friends have been telling her that they just don't iron but Mummy can't seem to stop. Leave a comment for Mummy if you can advise her on whether she should be ironing so much or not.

I know Mummy's new years resolution is to manage her time better and find more time to relax, although i don't think she knows yet how she is going to acheive this.

Before i go, i thought i'd share with you my new years resolutions.....

1. I want to be able to move like my big sister does. She is able to walk on her two feet but although i've watched her i am not quite sure how she manages this.

2. I want to be able to talk. I have so much to say but when i try to say words like my big sister i can't do it. Maybe i'll aim small and just start with a few words.

3. My big sister doesn't have white stuff in bottles like i have. She has lots of interesting looking drinks in bright pretty beakers so i'd like to give them a go this year and see what it is like.

As you can see i will be very busy in 2012 acheiving all these things and i look forward to sharing all of it with you.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bendy Castle

Hello all.

Mummy, big sister and i have found a new game and i just have to share it with you!

Welcome to the 'bendy castle!!'

It was big sister who named it this. Mummy had suggested that we make a den and so she got this table cloth and put it over some chairs. But big sister said it  looked like a castle and when the table cloth fell off the chairs, big sister found this very funny and called it the bendy castle. It's a name we all like so Mummy stopped calling it the den.

The bendy castle game is really good. Once we are inside the castle, there are endless possibilities.

Here is big sister inside the bendy castle. Mummy, me and the babies you can see (!) all sat and listened quietly while big sister read us a story. After that we gave the babies their bottles and then had a pretend picnic with them.

It has captured big sister's imagination, today we played the bendy castle game using the cushions from the sofa. Daddy put the green cloth over the sofa but when Mummy brought me into the castle i got quite upset as there was not much room and it was quite scary.

Mummy, big sister and i would love to hear any suggestions you have for us as to what we can play once we are inside the bendy castle. Mummy has a few ideas as to what we are going to do next time already!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

One Born Every Minute - pain.

Last week Daddy borrowed my blog to tell everyone what his experience was of the birth of my sister and i. This week Mummy has borrowed it to write a post on her experience, from a pain point of view so i'll hand over to her.

Big Sister.

This was most definately a positive experience. Apart from the fact that she arrived 5 weeks early, the whole experience of birth was not at all traumatic and i remember feeling calm throughout. My waters broke during dinner round a friend's house so i made some excuse about being tired and left as quick as i could.

At the hospital i was given a shot of pethidine. Due to big sister arriving 5 weeks early i hadn't got round to writing a birth plan but i had always felt that i would go with the flow and see what happened. When i was given pain options, i remember thinking that the midwife hadn't mentioned an epidural as an option so i choose pethidine. This knocked me out for 6 hours and my husband simply nudged me when it was time to breathe the gas and air. Again, due to big sis being early i was strapped to a monitor and so the midwife had told my husband to get me to take some gas and air when the monitor peaked at 30. (A friend later told me hers was peaking at 80, hence why i remember my birth as an easy experience!) When it came to pushing i remember that you become so focused that you have no need for gas and air as the pain is a secondary thought to the primary one which for me was 'let this be over!!'


When it came to Fearne's birth i equally went into it with calming thoughts. This time, however, the pain seemed much worse, much quicker. 7 months on and, as always, the memories fade somewhat, but i do remember not being in the world due to the pain levels..... i remember the midwives talking to my husband as i refused to open my eyes. This was my way of coping. When we initially arrived, a woman was screaming in the room next door and i remember promising i wouldn't do that. I have no recollection of screaming but must have done as my voice was very hoarsh after the whole event was over.

I had the opportunity of going into the birthing pool and i will always regret my decision to say no but at the time i didn't feel like i would cope with the thought of not having pain relief options open to me. I had a shot of pethidine like i did with big sis but this time it didn't knock me out... in fact it felt like it didn't even touch the sides. 

I have said several times to my husband since that i really feel like i didn't cope, but he told me he thought at all times that i was fine and he felt calm as he could see i was coping. I don't remember the pain now, just this feeling that i wasn't in the world, that i can't remember being able to think clearly at all.

Afterwards, i finally opened my eyes, to find myself in a room with a whole host of things that could have helped.... (i was moved halfway through my labour to a different room) A birthing chair, birthing ball and a rope to hold onto. I remember feeling that if only i had coped a little better and tried some of these things, rather than feeling like i couldn't face moving from the bed, then the experience may well have been more enjoyable.

On reflection, both of my births were easy. I didn't have any intervention from forceps, epidurals, and escaped without the need for stitches or a cesearean so for that i am blessed. However, i do feel like i could have been stronger and should have tried to almost enjoy it more, especially as we are (nearly) definately sure we don't want any more children.  

My two births and hearing about my friends experiences reminds me that no two births are the same. I am always amazed by the miracle of childbirth and the journey our bodies go through to get to that stage. I am looking forward to reading about the other experiences of childbirth and the pain levels associated with it.

This blog was written as part of the Netmum's blogging prompt, to coincide with the new series of One Born Every Minute which is on Channel 4, 9pm Wednesdays

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

I have lots to fill you in on but it will have to wait for another time as my Daddy wants to take over my blog to tell you all about his memories of mine and my sister's births. This is because the new series of One Born Every Minute began tonight on Channel 4 and so here is my Dad.

The birth of big sister.

My first memory is of my wife arriving home from a friend's house and telling me in a shaky voice that her waters had broken. This was really exciting as I had just finished building all the baby furniture that night. No, we are not seriously disorganised, our first child decided to arrive 5 weeks early!! Then mild panic set in as my wife and i hadn't packed a hospital bag. While she spoke to the midwife i flew around our bedroom picking up things i thought would be useful. Unbeknown to me my wife decided to grab one of my t-shirts to 'labour' in. Luckily for us she didn't wear it as we realised later that day that the words of the chosen t-shirt said 'push it real good!!'

When we arrived we were greated by a male midwife which surprised me. One overwhelming memory i have is of him stepping behind the curtain while my wife got undressed from the waist down and 6 hours later he was right in the middle of the action helping my wife deliver our daughter. Because of big sister being early my wife was strapped to a monitor. I was amazed at how calm she was during the whole thing, in fact the shot of pethidine she had knocked her out and i was told to get her to breathe the gas and air when the monitor reached 30. Feeling fairly useless, i sat by her side and stroked her arm!

At one point, she woke up and said we would now need to sell the house as she had covered it in blood. I simply told her we would discuss it later.

As for the actual birth, big sister was whisked away as soon as she was born and i remember hearing the midwife insist that Mum needed a cuddle before our newborn was taken to special care. I do not remember having a preference as to whether we had a girl or boy but i do remember a feeling of relief that the labour was over.
                                                               Our first picture!

Fearne's Birth.

This was a completely different experience. My wife woke me up at 3am and it was almost like big sister knew as she also got up at that point and came into our room... something she never does normally. My first proper memory is finalising baby names in the car on the way to the hospital. When we arrived there was a woman screaming in the room next door to us and my wife promised me she wouldn't do that. The midwife then asked if we wanted someone else to examine my wife as she had realised she lived in our street and would bump into us in the local shops. My wife was way beyond caring at this point.

From that moment on time seemed to move really quickly. My wife will tell you she didn't handle the pain at all well but i think she was amazing. She had pethidine again but she said it didn't help this time. It did however mean, that while high on pain, or drugs, she told me i must leave otherwise i would be late for work! I remember thinking i needed to ring work to let them know i wouldn't be coming in but not knowing when was an appropriate time to leave my wife to do so. When Fearne was ready to be born it seemed like all hell broke loose as when my wife's waters finally went there was meconium and so they had to attach a monitor.

Then it was all over and i had another precious child to hold. I do think the human body is a fantastic piece of equipment and labour itself is a miracle but above all i am very pleased to be a man and that my part during the birth of our children was simply to observe and support!

                                                 Welcome to the world Fearne.

This blog was written as part of the Netmum's blogging prompt, to coincide with the new series of One Born Every Minute which is on Channel 4, 9pm Wednesdays.