Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Let's watch telly!!!

The last time i was here i was talking about the toys that I play with. Now I want to extend my questioning to the TV that i watch.
Mummy is a total telly addict. Daddy and Mummy though have completely different tastes when it comes to programmes and as Mummy is always busy on the computer, she has taken to recording what she wants to watch and watching her programmes at other times of the day, when she gets a spare 5 minutes. (Daddy keeps telling her she needs to reduce the number of things she watches but she completely refuses, saying there is too many good things on TV!)
Big sister is really into films. Her current favourites are Tinkerbell and Tangled. (In fact she had the most amazing cake made for her by Auntie Sam's friend Willow who is incredibly talented) She has lots of other films that she enjoys as well including Tarzan, Alladin, The Lion King, Finding Nemo etc.

Told you the cake was amazing!!!

So where does this leave me? Big sister's films are normally quite long and she can quite easily sit still and watch the whole thing. As she was growing up though Mummy had her watching Mr Tumble on Cbeebies, Peppa Pig and educational programmes such as Alphablocks and Numberjacks. She still watches these occasionally but it is films that are mainly on when the TV is turned on....

So will my learning be hindered because I am going to be subject to these longer films rather than the short educational programmes on Cbeebies? Do you think i need to try and show Mummy that there should be less films and more Cbeebies or is it wise to not watch the telly when it is on and concentrate on playing? I do have so much to learn.

Let me know what you think. :) 


  1. I used to worry about this for the Bug, but it hasn't hindered him at all, and now he is old enough to say what he likes on tv they take it in turns. Also, once school starts there is never enough time and you just get out of the habit of TV - even Mummy! I eventually ditched my soap habit! (It's Actually Mummy btw)

  2. Thank you Actually Mummy. I will let Mummy know what you said... she will be pleased and reassured as she reads your blog all the time and can see how well Bug does!!! I don't think Mummy will be able to cut down her own TV viewing though as i think she actually has an addiction to it!!