Thursday, 12 April 2012

The toys that I play with.

As i am Mummy and Daddy's second child, Mummy is becoming more and more aware that the toys that I play with are very different to the types of toys that big sister played with.

Let me give you an example....

Here I am playing with big sister's toy animals, as well as some plastic cooking spoons that Mummy gave me from the kitchen. The toy animals are lots of interesting shapes so i do enjoy looking at them, turning them over in my hands and giving them a quick nibble but Mummy keeps wondering whether i am missing out.

You see, when big sister was my age these toys weren't in the house yet, so she was given lots of different brightly coloured baby rattles and toys that made lots of different sounds or lit up etc. These toys are still in the house, and Mummy still offers them to me to have a look at, but i much prefer being near big sister and looking at what she is playing with and now that i can crawl I also like playing with the items in lots of areas of the house where i haven't been before.... such as the coal on the fire, or the place mats in the dresser. These items are not brightly coloured so Mummy keeps questioning whether I am missing out, or even if my development won't be as good.

I think Mummy is worrying for nothing. She seems to have forgotten that big sister never crawled so she happily stayed in front of the toys Mummy gave her whereas I have discovered the joy of movement and I think I have a bigger variety of toys to play with because, firstly I can choose where I go and secondly, having an older sister means there is a much bigger variety of toys in the house then there was when she was little so i get a bigger range don't I?

I would love to know what you think though. Is Mummy being silly, or am i missing out by not playing with all the brightly coloured baby toys that are in the house?? 

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