Saturday, 24 November 2012

Dear Kerry...

Dearest Kerry
I remember how excited you were when I secretly whispered to you earlier this year that I was expecting twins!!
You were so positive and told me how lucky we were to be blessed with twins, as it is so very special.

I remember calling you for support one night when I felt a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of two new babies, you were brilliant.
How I miss you. Now the twins are here I feel it more than ever. I'm so glad to have told you about their arrival and shown you their picture, I wish you could meet them for a cuddle, I know you would love that.
You are still my inspiration.
Please come back to us Kerry.
Lots and lots of love Wendy x x x

Our Kerry....

At  midnight I published my healing post for Kerry. I am, of course, not her only close friend and two other close friend's of hers have asked to use my blog to share their thoughts with you all....

So over to Kirsty first.....

Kerry and I have known each other since primary school. From there Leanne, Lucy, Kerry and myself all went to the same High school, while the rest of our school friends went to a different high school. We were all put into the same form class and have grown up through high school together.

We went to different unis, colleges started work etc but all kept in contact.

 We have all been to each others weddings, and visited the hospitals when babies have been born. We have met up for drinks/meal most christmases... basically been there through thick and thin, funny and sad times, good and bad times together.

There has been many a time lately where i have thought - oh i'll just call Kerry for a chat and then remembered i can't... Kerry i have so much i want to tell you.

I remember at school us four decided to do a dance to 'girls just wanna have fun' to the old people in the old peoples home with a raffle after to raise money to give back to them for a fish and chip supper lol.

I remember coming to pick you up from Norwich (uni)very late one evening and driving you home to Nick for the weekend.

Also remember you coming to meet me for lunch at Parkers nursery in Frinton to tell me about the psychic you had been to see and that she had told you that you were pregnant and thats how you told me you were expecting BB. Think i nearly screamed the place down in happiness for you..

When you first come to see my new house in Clacton in the first week that we lived there you spilt your Tia maria on the carpet and that was a reminder of you for the time we lived there. As i have moved house since you have become unwell... I long for you to leave your mark on this house.

You are in all our thoughts today and everyday.. we are all combining our strength today especially in the hope that this will give you the strength you need to make a good recovery.

 I love you Kerry

Lots of love Kirsty xx

Friday, 23 November 2012

Healing 4 Kerry.

This is the hardest post i have tried to write. A year ago a very dear friend of mine encouraged me to set up the blog i had been wanting to start for a while about my youngest child. I went onto set up my blog, but being a teacher i quickly found it unmanageable to dedicate time to my career and my blog so have not posted for a long time now.
This friend has a very successful blog of her own and i had watched her find so much enjoyment from hers and followed her many achievements through it. I had no idea though just how successful she had been, and how many lives she has touched.
This friend is of course Multiple Mummy, aka as Kerry, aka as one of my closest friends. We have now been friends for 22 years. We went through school together. We grew and developed together and more importantly, had so many happy times together.
I am writing this post to join the blogging community in praying for her recovery, and yet i don't want to dwell too much on the situation we are all struggling to come to terms with as it is just too painful. Instead i thought i would share with you some of the many reasons she is so special and treasured by so many people.
When i visited her in hospital on Wednesday night, one of the cards on her wall from another friend said.... 'Kerry I have so many childhood memories of you, one of which being when you lost your braces and we all searched the house for them, only to find you had left them on the doorstep!' This sums her up perfectly.... she was so scatty at times when we were growing up! This part of her personality always had us smiling...
When she had just returned from maternity leave with BB, I remember her telling me she arrived at work, went to lock the car... only to discover she had forgotten to drive to nursery first to drop him off and there he was smiling at her in his car seat!
You have all read Multiple Daddy's fantastic posts.... She rang me at 11pm the night before our A Level results. In a very excited voice she told me she had met this fantastic, handsome man that she wanted to be with. They are absolute soul mates and the support he has shown her throughout their time together has always inspired me and those closest to her.

I am responsible for the conception of the twins... well sort of!! My eldest daughter was 5 weeks early. I was having dinner with Kerry round another very close friend of hers when my waters went. I made my excuses and left. The next day Kerry came to visit me and made sure that my husband and i had our first family photo taken holding our daughter.... that is Kerry completely. She knows each of her friends so well and she knew i would find that very important, but I hadn't yet thought that far ahead. She went home from seeing us, feeling all broody... and well 9 months later the twins arrived.

Kerry is just such a fantastic person. She enjoyed spending time with all of her friends and i so appreciated that our children were similar ages as it meant i got to see her regularly and we could catch up while the children played.

I am a very self conscious, somewhat negative person and she always balanced me out, making me see when i was being ridiculous while at the same time soothing my worries, listening as only a close friend can. She always, always had advice to give to anyone and i always went away feeling better having spoken to her.

As her blog shows, she is the most fantastic Mummy. Her children had such a wealth of experiences because of it. She was unfazed by most things and i used to watch in awe at how she juggled 3 children, in fact all of us friends did. She made it look effortless! 

I could carry on for pages and pages recalling all my memories of her but i won't.

Kerry you light up any room you are in, and my healing prayer for tomorrow is that in the future you can once again return to your family and carry on making memories. I for one, need you in my life.... so many people do. You are fighting as hard as you can sweetheart and we are all here for you, every step of the way.

With all my love Leanne.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Let's watch telly!!!

The last time i was here i was talking about the toys that I play with. Now I want to extend my questioning to the TV that i watch.
Mummy is a total telly addict. Daddy and Mummy though have completely different tastes when it comes to programmes and as Mummy is always busy on the computer, she has taken to recording what she wants to watch and watching her programmes at other times of the day, when she gets a spare 5 minutes. (Daddy keeps telling her she needs to reduce the number of things she watches but she completely refuses, saying there is too many good things on TV!)
Big sister is really into films. Her current favourites are Tinkerbell and Tangled. (In fact she had the most amazing cake made for her by Auntie Sam's friend Willow who is incredibly talented) She has lots of other films that she enjoys as well including Tarzan, Alladin, The Lion King, Finding Nemo etc.

Told you the cake was amazing!!!

So where does this leave me? Big sister's films are normally quite long and she can quite easily sit still and watch the whole thing. As she was growing up though Mummy had her watching Mr Tumble on Cbeebies, Peppa Pig and educational programmes such as Alphablocks and Numberjacks. She still watches these occasionally but it is films that are mainly on when the TV is turned on....

So will my learning be hindered because I am going to be subject to these longer films rather than the short educational programmes on Cbeebies? Do you think i need to try and show Mummy that there should be less films and more Cbeebies or is it wise to not watch the telly when it is on and concentrate on playing? I do have so much to learn.

Let me know what you think. :) 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The toys that I play with.

As i am Mummy and Daddy's second child, Mummy is becoming more and more aware that the toys that I play with are very different to the types of toys that big sister played with.

Let me give you an example....

Here I am playing with big sister's toy animals, as well as some plastic cooking spoons that Mummy gave me from the kitchen. The toy animals are lots of interesting shapes so i do enjoy looking at them, turning them over in my hands and giving them a quick nibble but Mummy keeps wondering whether i am missing out.

You see, when big sister was my age these toys weren't in the house yet, so she was given lots of different brightly coloured baby rattles and toys that made lots of different sounds or lit up etc. These toys are still in the house, and Mummy still offers them to me to have a look at, but i much prefer being near big sister and looking at what she is playing with and now that i can crawl I also like playing with the items in lots of areas of the house where i haven't been before.... such as the coal on the fire, or the place mats in the dresser. These items are not brightly coloured so Mummy keeps questioning whether I am missing out, or even if my development won't be as good.

I think Mummy is worrying for nothing. She seems to have forgotten that big sister never crawled so she happily stayed in front of the toys Mummy gave her whereas I have discovered the joy of movement and I think I have a bigger variety of toys to play with because, firstly I can choose where I go and secondly, having an older sister means there is a much bigger variety of toys in the house then there was when she was little so i get a bigger range don't I?

I would love to know what you think though. Is Mummy being silly, or am i missing out by not playing with all the brightly coloured baby toys that are in the house?? 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday is caption day.

Here is big sister. She lined these boxes up all by herself. Mummy and Daddy have a caption for this picture but I would love to know what captions you can come up with. :)