Saturday, 24 November 2012

Our Kerry....

At  midnight I published my healing post for Kerry. I am, of course, not her only close friend and two other close friend's of hers have asked to use my blog to share their thoughts with you all....

So over to Kirsty first.....

Kerry and I have known each other since primary school. From there Leanne, Lucy, Kerry and myself all went to the same High school, while the rest of our school friends went to a different high school. We were all put into the same form class and have grown up through high school together.

We went to different unis, colleges started work etc but all kept in contact.

 We have all been to each others weddings, and visited the hospitals when babies have been born. We have met up for drinks/meal most christmases... basically been there through thick and thin, funny and sad times, good and bad times together.

There has been many a time lately where i have thought - oh i'll just call Kerry for a chat and then remembered i can't... Kerry i have so much i want to tell you.

I remember at school us four decided to do a dance to 'girls just wanna have fun' to the old people in the old peoples home with a raffle after to raise money to give back to them for a fish and chip supper lol.

I remember coming to pick you up from Norwich (uni)very late one evening and driving you home to Nick for the weekend.

Also remember you coming to meet me for lunch at Parkers nursery in Frinton to tell me about the psychic you had been to see and that she had told you that you were pregnant and thats how you told me you were expecting BB. Think i nearly screamed the place down in happiness for you..

When you first come to see my new house in Clacton in the first week that we lived there you spilt your Tia maria on the carpet and that was a reminder of you for the time we lived there. As i have moved house since you have become unwell... I long for you to leave your mark on this house.

You are in all our thoughts today and everyday.. we are all combining our strength today especially in the hope that this will give you the strength you need to make a good recovery.

 I love you Kerry

Lots of love Kirsty xx

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  1. Kirsty's friendship with Kerry seems as precious as yours.

    I am so glad that this healing circle is full of friends, family and bloggers, some that have met her and some not, but ALL touched by her.

    She HAS to hear our prayer.

    Liska xx