Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Can you repeat that please?

When i was only 8 weeks old, Mummy and Daddy began to notice that i wasn't responding to sounds like they remember my big sister doing. They took me to the doctors who said they would refer me to the hospital. In November, when i was 5 months old (yes it took 3 months to finally get an appointment date!) I went with Mummy to the audiology department at the hospital.

We went into this strange room where they tested whether i could hear. It would be easier if i could tell them but i haven't learnt how to talk yet. I didn't do very well on any of the tests and they said it may be because i had lots of fluid / mucus around my ears and that they would test my ears again once i was sitting up and older.

I always have a bit of a sniffle and often cough at night so it made sense to Mummy and Daddy that my ears were blocked up with fluid. The consultant worried them after this first appointment i think because he told them that worse case i was profundly deaf.

Last week i had my second lot of tests. Since the first test i don't think Mummy and Daddy are worried as whenever big sister makes a lot of noise i look around to see where the noise is coming from, just like i do when Daddy runs the bath or Mummy makes silly noises with her mouth. They now know that i can hear and that when i was really young i simply wasn't responding to sounds as there was so much to be looking at and thinking about.As soon as i learnt to sit up, i think some of the fluid drained away as i could definately hear better. I've heard them talking though and they are not sure if i can hear quiet sounds. This makes me laugh as they obviously haven't noticed that with big sister around there aren't many quiet sounds to be heard!

The new test they did this time was to sit me at a table and look at the nice lady who was showing me a toy. To the side of me there was a TV screen and they kept putting a picture and an accompanying sound on. I think i was suppposed to turn my head towards the sound when they put it on the TV but the toy the lady had looked really good so why would i turn my head away from that? So i failed all their tests again. I am trying to do the right thing but i heard them telling Mummy that i'm still really young and i don't know what to do yet.

They now want to test me again in 2 months time and i heard them saying to Mummy and Daddy that if i fail them again they will discuss the possibility of doing a general anaesthetic to see if my hearing system has developed properly and is functioning properly. I don't think Mummy liked the idea of a GA as her face looked quite concerned after that so i have decided that i will try even harder at the next test so i can show them just how good my hearing is. I will update you again when i've been into that strange room again.

Look at me though....

Do i look like i have problems with my hearing??

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  1. Oh poor mummy - it's stressful when you babies don't conform! Buck up and concentrate next time :)