Saturday, 11 February 2012

Snow, Waving, Learning!!

I started this blog so that i can share with you all the exciting new things i am learning about and this week there have been several. Mummy has tried to capture each event with the camera to help me show you what has been going on.


Before this week, i didn't know what this meant. Big sister has been asking for most of this year when the snow was coming as she wanted to use her new sledge but Mummy had been telling her she didn't think there would be any this year. How wrong was she!!

I don't really understand what happened but all this white stuff fell from the sky and it made big sister very very excited. It was so so cold but that didn't bother her at all.

Here we are on our sledge. I'm not sure what all the excitement was about though. Maybe i'll enjoy it more next year?

It was Grandad's birthday this week so we went out in the snow again, but this time with all of my cousins. I was watching them all wondering why they weren't feeling the cold like i was. The last time Grandad had snow on his birthday apparently was on his 40th, 21 years ago. I heard Nanny saying that Mummy was only 9 on that birthday. I liked spending the day with all my family, especially as it meant i could show off my new skill.....


I'm learning how to be very clever with my hands. Not only can i feed myself and play with toys using my hands, i've now learnt how to wave. Every time Daddy goes to work in the mornings he says 'bye-bye' and waves at me. When he comes home he normally says 'hi-ya' and waves when he sees me and big sister and now i can copy him. I think it is such a neat trick that i spend most of my day waving. I have started to do it at the right time as well now, so if someone says goodbye to me i wave at them.

Mummy has waved the camera in my face several times this week, to try and capture me waving, but every time she gets it out i stop whatever i am doing as a red light comes on which looks really interesting. Here i am though waving while i am sitting with my Auntie.

Look how pleased they are with me!!

It has been a busy week and i think it all caught up with me as i was very tired today. It's hard work learning how to be clever!!

What have you learnt that is new this week? 

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