Wednesday, 8 February 2012

To my dear little lady (and big sister)


Very shortly my darling, Mummy will be returning to work. It has been creeping up for a while now but i have been trying to ignore it as i am dreading it. It's not that Mummy doesn't enjoy her job, it's just that it means i don't get to spend my days with you and big sister anymore. Sometimes when i think about not being able to see you and big sister whenever i can, it makes me feel very sad inside.

For the last 9 months my days have been entirely filled with looking after you and big sister and much more importantly indulging in your milestones and embracing the personalities that you are both developing. Fearne you have changed so much in the last 7 months. I am going to leave the camera with Nanny and Grandad so that i can share what you have done while i am gone.

It has been so much fun and so wonderful to spend each day with both of you. We had developed a lovely little routine of seeing big sister's special friend one day, your cousins another day, then spending two days doing toddler activities such as toddler gym, drama or visiting the library. We've had the freedom to pop in on Nanny and Grandad without any time pressures.

                                                        Look at the fun you and big sister had!!

Friday's big sister has been going to the childminder's so you've had me all to yourself. You have quite happily sat next to me while i've tidied and organised cupboards or cleared paperwork etc without ever whinging.

We will still get Monday's and Tuesday's to play but the rest of the week Mummy has to go to work. You will not be used to this new routine and i promise to give you lots of extra cuddles until you are. You and big sister will have lots of fun at Nanny and Grandad's house and the childminder's but i think it will take me some time to accept that work has to enter my life again.

I promise i will try to get home as early as possible so that i get to spend some of the day with you when i have been at work. I am well aware though that due to the traffic i will probably walk in with only half an hour to spend with you and big sister before you will need to go to bed. Hopefully as you get older you will stay awake longer. Mummy is hoping that we will all adjust well and that the fun we have on Monday's and Tuesday's will carry her through her days at work until we get to spend the weekend together. If you ever feel worried about where I have gone please know that i will definately return every evening after work to be with you and give you your dinner.

I want to reassure you that i am only working while you are so young as Daddy and i want to make sure we have enough money to treat you and big sister when we want to. Every week we do the lottery as if we were lucky enough to win, it would mean Mummy wouldn't have to leave you 3 days a week to go to work.

Can Mummy just ask one thing.... please save special moments, like crawling for the first time, or standing up at the furniture for when you are with Mummy and Daddy as i wouldn't want to miss these treasured times.

Lots of love from Mummy.

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  1. Oh sweetheart, I totally understand where you are coming from. It must feel so sad to know that you are leaving them, but in some ways thing that it will really make you treasure their time.

    Very emotional post.