Thursday, 22 December 2011

Food, glorious food!

Food, glorious food!
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we're in the mood --
Cold jelly and custard!
Peas, pudding and saveloys!

Food, glorious food!
We're anxious to try it.
Three banquets a day --
Our favourite diet!

Just picture a great big steak --
Fried, roasted or stewed.
Oh, food,
Wonderful food,
Marvellous food,
Glorious food.

This is how Mummy was hoping i would view food but to be honest I haven't really grasped the point of it all yet. I have always been a little bit naughty when it comes to being fed. Mummy and Daddy give me lots of warm, white liquid in a bottle. I've heard them telling my big sister that it is my 'milkies' so that must be what it is called. I think i am supposed to drink the whole bottle but there is always so much else to look at so i normally take a little bit then stop. Mummy and Daddy have come to accept (i think) that i don't always have time to drink it all as there is so much learning to be done. I heard them talking to each other and they were saying that hopefully i would take to food better. I think i still have a way to go though!

Here am i about to be given my very first taste of solid food.

Mummy and Daddy started me on baby rice. It was ok. I was secretly thinking though that the fruit you can see next me looked much tastier. They quickly moved me onto sweet potato and i think this is when i reminded them how messy weaning is.......

I have now tried potato and cheese, broccoli, carrot, butternut squash, yoghurt, apple, pear, and melon. With every one of them i've had the same reaction.... i roll it round my mouth and spit it back out again. I think i'm doing something wrong though as Mummy looks so pleased with me when i take the food but her face changes when i spit it back out.

My Nanny keeps saying that my Mummy is cruel as she hasn't let me try chocolate yet. My Mummy never laughs when she says this. I haven't had any other Mummy so it is hard to decide but i don't think she's cruel, i think she's great!

Today Mummy let me try some finger food.... Bread and cucumber sticks. It was excellent having the chance to feed myself. I hope Mummy will let me do that again, especially since i showed her that i liked that way of eating as i smiled lots at her everytime she put some food in my hand.

My big sister has a sticker chart and she gets given a sticker every time she tries all the food on her plate. Her and Mummy and Daddy get so excited when she gets a sticker so if i could talk i would tell them all that i want stickers as it seems to be helping my sister to eat. One day i want to be a big girl like her and eat what she eats.

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