Friday, 16 December 2011

Look at me!!!

This week i have been a busy girl. I have been practising sitting up for a while now. Mummy has been putting me in my GALT farm playnest. I think it is supposed to encourage me to sit up but i just liked to lay back in it and watch the world go by.

Here i am with my sister.

Mummy had begun to sit me up in between her legs while playing with my sister and had started to move away a little bit. On Saturday i decided it was time to impress her and so i concentrated really hard on sitting up and it worked.
Just look how clever i am!!! I am always very happy and smiley but every time Mummy or Daddy get the camera out a orange light comes on so i always stop laughing to try and work out what is happening.

Now i can sit up life is even better than it was. I can reach for toys and look at them in my hands rather than laying on my back and looking at things above my head. My sister keeps showing me toys i haven't seen before and i'm hoping soon she will let me have them for longer so i can look at them more closely.

Today though i am not as happy as i was as my mouth started to really hurt again. I was really upset in the night but Mummy and Daddy gave me some pink medicine which helped me go back to sleep. Then when Mummy and i were shopping today she put her finger in my mouth and told me that my top two teeth had cut through which was why i wasn't very happy. She is so kind though, she stopped at the pharmacy and brought me some Anbesol. It is brilliant.... as soon as Mummy rubbed it on my gum it stopped my mouth hurting so i went back to laughing and smiling at her.

Next time i'll let you know how i am getting on with trying food and Daddy said i should show you some of the reactions i've had to some of the tastes.


  1. Well little lady don't you sit well! What an active week you have had. Surely you need to have a good nights sleeps and give Mummy some rest! x

  2. That made me laugh about the orange light on the camera. Lil Sis does that too - just stops and frowns as soon I try to take a photo!!! x